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If you are reading this, then more than likely, you are a Busy Mom of Faith®!

Busy Mom of FaithMy name is Lara, the founder of Moms of Faith® AND Busy Moms of Faith®, and I am also a very busy mom! Not only am I the mother of two, a wife, and a homeschooler. I also run my own business, am a published author, chauffeur, friend, maid, chef, lover, confidant, mentor, teacher, seeker, nurse, boo-boo kisser, and all the other many faces us moms wear!

I know busy.

I live busy.

Sadly, busy moms of faith, like us, can unwittingly put God on the back burner of our lives while we are busy car-pooling, teaching, and simply getting through the chaos of each day!

If we are too busy for God,
then we are far busier than God ever called us to be!


This is where “Busy Moms of Faith®” comes in!

We are a resource for YOU… the busy Christian Mom! A place for you to find time for your Heavenly Father in the midst of all the chaos!

I have been writing devotionals for Christian moms since 2004. My writing is honest and forthright. I share my heart, struggles, joys, pains, and the many lessons I have and am still learning on this journey called life–in hopefully a relatable way that pulls no punches.

Book one is NOW on sale in Print, Kindle, nook, ibooks, and MORE!

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I am the founder of Busy Moms of Faith®. I am a wife, mom, homeschooler, published author, publisher, ministry leader, speaker, in love with Jesus, and supreme multi-tasker! I am also a chauffeur, friend, maid, chef, business owner, writer, lover, confidant, mentor, teacher, seeker, nurse, boo-boo kisser, cat lover, coffee drinker, Starbucks follower, Mexican food addict, jean loving, sometimes loud mouth, opinionated, outspoken, web designer, iphone carrier, a teensy bit anal retentive, chocoholic, Survivor fan, Bible believing, animal lover, reptile and crawly things hating, speed walking, honest, working my way back to skinny jeans, and… One heck of a strong woman! (Among other things)

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