Busy Moms of Faith Daily Devotionals – Book 1

Busy Moms of Faith Daily Devotionals - Book 1 #book #ebook #busymoms #Christianmoms #moms #devotional #biblestudyBusy Moms of Faith Daily Devotions are written by busy homeschooling mom, wife, author, blogger, web designer and business owner, Lara Velez.

She is no stranger to busy, and frequently camps out there! Unfortunately, we busy moms tend to put aside our King!

This should never be!

If we are too busy for God, then we are far busier than He created us to be!

The daily devotions in this series are tailor made for busy moms! They are designed to take 15 minutes or less each day!

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I am the founder of Busy Moms of Faith®. I am a wife, mom, homeschooler, published author, publisher, ministry leader, speaker, in love with Jesus, and supreme multi-tasker! I am also a chauffeur, friend, maid, chef, business owner, writer, lover, confidant, mentor, teacher, seeker, nurse, boo-boo kisser, cat lover, coffee drinker, Starbucks follower, Mexican food addict, jean loving, sometimes loud mouth, opinionated, outspoken, web designer, iphone carrier, a teensy bit anal retentive, chocoholic, Survivor fan, Bible believing, animal lover, reptile and crawly things hating, speed walking, honest, working my way back to skinny jeans, and… One heck of a strong woman! (Among other things)

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